Monday, 22 November 2010


as close as it gets. Danish architect devoted to fairytale and drama.
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Harlequin Lock: I need more drama up in this bitch!
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Sibilla Giordano: yew we are enjoying DJ
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Xray Haller: =^.^=
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Now playing: Seventeen Years - Ratatat
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Yohii Shilton: 'drama' its only drama if tis to large or small ;3
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Electric Monday: need to pop'n'lock for this one
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Redfire Leafblower: I'm allergic to drama. It makes me break out in killing.
[2010/11/19 16:40]  Orlando Zipper dances her bootie off
[2010/11/19 16:41]  Xray Haller: life is nothing but drama
[2010/11/19 16:41]  Harlequin Lock makes drama, "Ele my penis hates your male sock garters.

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