Thursday, 22 December 2011

Mies van der Rohe Barcelona pavilion in Unity project

Made a scale model in 3D MAX based on the 109 cm grid pavilion layout. Recearch of the fundaciĆ³ Mies van der Rohe plans made the 109 cm grid most likely grid to use instead of the 5th scheme 110 cm grid.
The conclusions of this study are as follows: 1) Although grid lines were not drawn in the early schemes, it is strongly thought that the grid system was used. 2) The grid lines which equally divide 12m, the inside measurement of the east-and-west wall of the pavilion change as follows: in the first scheme there are nine grids at intervals of 1.333m, in the second there are twelve at intervals of lm, in the third and fourth are eleven girds at intervals of 1.09m, and in the fifth at intervals of 1.1m. 3) Most of the positioning of the walls and the glass screens have been based a grid system, but some have been based on their specific size(12m and 7m, for instance). 4) It is thought that the fourth scheme drawn with an even grid system was preferred by Mies. However, an irregular grid system was used, partially to correspond to the site in the fifth scheme. (author abst.)

Check out the preliminary UNITY version at:

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